Top 10 Foods You Eat That are Harmful to Your Body
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Top 10 Foods You Eat That are Harmful to Your Body

Food, an assembly of various ingredients coming together in perfect harmony to create that heavenly and yummy meal or snack. However, you may be slowly poisoning your body without consciousness of it. Some foods are harmful to your body and you have to realize this.

The following are a list of 10 harmful foods that you are consuming that are harmful to your body. They include;

1. Processed Meat

There is a major difference, nutrients wise between processed meat and fresh meat. Processed meat contains many harmful chemicals used to preserve it. Processed meat is associated with diseases like colon cancer, heart diseases and type 2 diabetes.

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Inflammatory compounds are created in processed meat while you cook in high temperatures. A healthier alternative is you source your meat from your local butcher. This helps you avoid the chemicals from the preservatives in the processed meat.

Processed meat includes sausages, hot dogs, ham, cured bacon, dried meat and also canned meat.

2. Dairy Products

The following are the harmful dairy products that you consume, that are of concern to your health.

Ice creams

Ice creams are the sweetest and the hardest to resist unless you have allergies.Having the ice cream is not a crime, the problem comes in when you have too much.

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On top of your usual calorie intake adding ice cream increases your sugar levels. Try having ice creams from good brands that use more fresh fruit and less sugar.

Candy Bars

Ranging from brown chocolate to the white chocolate, candy bars are unhealthy. The reason for this is that they’re made from refined wheat flour, processed fats and added sugar. The essential nutrients are very minimal in the candy bars.

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3. Pastries

Most of the foods you take are harmless, but when you take them in large quantities the problem begins. The thing with pastries is that they are created from refined products. That is, made from processed sugar and wheat flour and added fats like margarine.

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You don’t need to completely remove pastries from your menu, just take in small amounts.

4. Fried, Grilled and Broiled Foods.

These methods of cooking are dangerous because of the unhealthy chemical compounds formed. They involve high temperatures when cooking. The chemicals formed contribute to the increased numbers of cancer and heart diseases.

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You can use better methods of cooking such as, boiling, stewing, blanching, and steaming. These methods are healthier and are great for retaining nutrients in your foods.

5. Fast Foods

French Fries and Potato Chips.

When potatoes are fried baked or roasted carcinogenic substances are formed as acrylamides. These substances may cause harm to your body and the high calories makes you gain weight.

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Potatoes naturally are made to be eaten in a whole or mashed state and not in a crunchy state. So feed your crunchy desire with some carrots or nuts.

Pizzas and Frozen Pizzas

If you are a fan of frozen pizzas that are easy to prepare, then here is a shocker for you! The frozen pizza contains sodium and other food additives which are harmful to your body.

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6. Breakfast Components.

Sugary Breakfast Cereals

The problem with sugary breakfast cereals is the sugar. Breakfast cereals are processed from cereal grains such as oats, rice, cereal grains and corn. The sweetened ones are coated in too much sugar that makes them more of sweets or candy than breakfast cereals.

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You should stick to the regular old school breakfast cereals, plain cereal grain, corn or oat. They are a healthier option for your breakfast cereal.

White Bread

When white bread is taken in large amounts, it might be harmful to your health. This is why, white bread is made from refined wheat which is low in fiber and other essential nutrients. It may lead to rapid spikes in your blood sugar.

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A whole-grain bread is a better alternative for your breakfast as it contains all essential nutrients needed in your body.

Coffee Creamer

Most coffee creamers don’t usually have the ‘creamer factor’ as indicated on the package. You usually see ingredients like water sugar and soybeans which are not creams. They have synthetic additives like diglycerides that are harmful to your body.

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You should instead go for plant based creamers which additionally have less calories and sugar than most creamers.

7. Energy drinks and Sugary Drinks

The danger that comes with taking sugary drinks is the large sugar amounts that drives your insulin resistance, resulting to fatty liver disease. It also leads to diseases like heart diseases or type 2 diabetes.

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These liquid calories makes your brain not register these calories as food. Taking large amounts of these drinks may lead you to obesity or increasingly adding on weight.

Energy drinks are very corrosive to your teeth more than normal soda. Aspartame is a sweetener found in diet sodas that raises glucose levels and the excess sugars is stored as fat.

Choose the right alternatives to quench your thirst. Go for pure water flavored by a slice of lemon. Green tea or Coffee are also good choices for energy boosters.

8. Low-Fat Yogurt

Yogurt is a healthy product as it helps reduce the risk of heart disease and manage weight. The sad thing is that most companies making these yogurts have added ingredients such as sugar and artificial flavors which are harmful to your body.

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The low fat yogurt is harmful to your health because the manufactures compensate for the fat by adding sugar and flavors. These added ingredients are what are harmful to your health.
Opt then for full-fat yogurt that provide probiotic bacteria and is a healthier option for you.

9. Fruit Juices

Natural fruity juices are the sweetest liquids, containing vitamin C and antioxidants. However these juices are full of sugar like any other sugary drink, which can be harmful if taken in large amounts.

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You need not be too worried though, even with the high sugar some juices have health benefits none the less. Pomegranate and blueberry juices are examples of such juices.
With fruit juices, the trick for you is to occasionally take them but not daily.

10. Margarine

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Margarine is made from refined vegetable oil and water. The vegetable oils have high saturated fat content which causes inflammation. Instead use other alternatives like butter or avocado as spread for your bread.

Affordable and Convenient but Harmful to Your Body

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The body does speak, respect and love your body enough to want to treat it better. There’s no crime in wanting to spoil yourself every ones in a while with some fun food.

You only have to exercise control, wisdom and caution. The harm from some of the foods listed here occurs when taken in excess.

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