Babu Owino Acquitted over charges of misuse of Firearm.

Babu Owino Acquitted over charges of misuse of Firearm.

Photo Courtesy: Babu Owino during a court proceeding

Embakasi East MP Babu Owino has been acquitted in a case where he had been charged with shooting disc jockey Felix Orinda aka DJ Evolve at a city club in 2020.

According to Milimani Senior Principal Magistrate Bernard Ochoi, investigations into the case were done in a shoddy manner by the police which could not prove the charges leveled against the MP.

DJ Evolve testified that he did not see the MP shooting him as it was dark. He also noted that they had been friends with the MP for over 5 years.

Owino’s personal assistant (PA), Edwin Otieno, on his part, testified that the gun the MP was carrying on that day was not functional.

“The gun had jammed two days earlier when Owino was at a shooting range in Karen,” said Otieno, who also doubles as the MP’s bodyguard. 

The court noted that the prosecution failed to prove the alcohol content in Babu Owino’s body.

“Samples taken don’t show that the investigating officer desired to know the alcoholic content in babus blood.”

In the absence of the blood tests and results, the court said that the aspect of drunkenness could not be established. The only evidence pinning the MP’s behavior that evening was from the investigator who was not at the scene.

Also, no medical records that proved that the DJ suffered from a gunshot wound were presented before the court and the investigator never took a statement from DJ Evolve when he was shot. The court termed it as either negligence or deliberate.

Prosecution witnesses also failed to prove to the court that the head and cartridges of the bullet were from Babu’s gun and also the person who recovered the bullet did not testify in the court.

The court concluded that the prosecution did not prove that beyond reasonable doubt Babu Owino committed the crime hence his acquaintance.

“Having evaluated the evidence in court. I find that the prosecution has failed to prove the case beyond reasonable doubt,” said the Magistrate.

The court case comes after Magistrate Bernand Choi in 2020 that the prosecution had adduced enough evidence to put Babu Owino in his defense.

Regardless, after the verdict, Babu restated his commitment to standing with Evolve in the latter’s journey to recovery after over three years of bed confinement.

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