Teachers Salary Increased!
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Teachers Salary Increased!

Photo Courtesy: Teachers Service Commission (TSC) CEO Nancy Macharia, Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT) Secretary General Collins Oyuu (right)

Teachers to receive a pay increase by the end of the week. This follows the signing of an agreement between their unions and the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) on Monday, August 28 2023 at the Kenya School of Government.

The group signed an addendum to the 2021-25 CBA with TSC, to cushion teachers against new statutory deductions and the high cost of living.

Addressing the press at the KNUT offices in Amagoro on Wednesday, the branch union Executive Secretary Ekasiba Geoffrey said teachers have applauded the offer and they feel accepted and embraced by the current government at this hard economic time.

“This was a timely move by the president and it will boost the morale of teachers. This government has prioritized the interest of teachers on salary, employment, and promotion, thanks to our president Ruto,” said Ekasiba KNUT executive secretary Busia.

Teachers, however, raised issues regarding understaffing and urged the TSC to take action on the matter. In the Teso branch, there are no deputy headteachers which has taken a toll on the schools.

The addendum carries two financial benefits: a basic salary review of up to 9.5 percent for the lowest-paid teachers and 2.4 percent for the highest-paid teachers. 

Teachers serving at Teacher Grade C2 (the entry level for graduate teachers) will see their basic pay rise by up to Sh4,164, those at C3 will get Sh5,141 while the highest (DS) will earn an increase of Sh4,883.

When the salary increase is fully implemented, the lowest paid teachers will get a basic salary of Sh. 23, 830 from Sh.21, 756 plus a house allowance of Sh.3850. Their commuting and leave allowances will not be affected.

For years, the issue of teacher’s salary increments in Kenya has been a point of contention. Teachers often find themselves grappling with inadequate pay that does not reflect the nature of their profession. The situation has led to strikes and protests. The struggle for a fair salary structure highlights the significance of recognizing teachers as valuable contributors to society.

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