5 Tips to Tame Your Anger
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5 Tips to Tame Your Anger

Do you lose your cool at the slightest aggravation? Does your rage flare when someone cuts you in line at the bank? Anger is a healthy emotion and it’s your way of expressing your negative feelings in hope to find a solution.

However, excessive anger is destructive. Your outburst can wound rather than mend a situation. There is seldom any positive result when it comes to anger since it makes you delusional.

When you’re angry, your mind becomes isolated. This deters you from finding any peaceful resolve and leads you to take things personal.

What triggers your anger is different from what triggers other people’s anger. Your thought process determines how you react in any given situation.

Check out these 5 tips that’ll help you tame your anger.

1. Walk Out of the Situation

When you realize you are about to have a volcanic eruption at the point you feel aggrieved, walk away.

When you’re able to regain control of yourself, you gain a different perspective on the matter. You can now go back address the issue that set you fired up to begin with.

Walking is a good way to calm your nerves

2. Cool Off, then Articulate Your Anger

Anger can mess with your rationale. To make a reasonable decision you need to cool off the steam first.

It will help you clear your mind and express yourself without being hurtful. It will also give you an upper hand when airing your frustrations without it feeling like a confrontation for both parties.

3. Be Thoughtful Before You Speak

In a fit of rage, anger outbursts are common. It’s better to stop yourself the moment you notice your temper is rising.
Rather than waste your energy and get riled up in an emotional turmoil with all the yelling and arguing.

You can choose to be cautious before you say a word. This will keep you away from regrets and can go a long way to maintain or even save your relationships.

4. Engage in Physical Activity

Like a matchstick flame anger being an emotion flares fast and dwindles away after a destructive fit of rage. Your mind could feed you lies associated with your negative past experiences. Before it leads you to believe the whole world has conspired against you, run!

Taking up an exercise can web your angry emotions away. No emotion can be bottled up inside of you, in one way or the other you’ll have to release your anger and running helps so does any fast paced activity.

This can take your mind off what triggered your anger in the first place and you notice only the terrain you are running, or the beating of your heart or the sound of your feet running. When you’re feeling calmer at the end of it, you will see things in a new perspective.

5. Crack a Joke to Diffuse Tension

Nothing alters the frame of mind better than a joke. Finding humor in any unrealistic expectations you might have on the outcome might release the tension. This will help you deal with the situation clearly.

Don’t be heavy on the sarcasm though, it could end up blowing things out of proportion and worsen things or even hurt others.

Know When your Anger Gets Out of Control and Seek Help

Anger management is tough on everyone. Getting that level of emotional maturity takes a level of maturity that is acquired over time.

If your anger runs wild and makes you hurt others, or do things you regret long after the anger is over, then you could seek help.

Anger therapy has remarkable benefits. It will help you learn how to remain calm and handle situations that would trigger your anger.

It will help you not end up with personality disorders like anxiety, depression due to suppressed anger.

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