Placement of KCPE Candidates in Secondary Schools.
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Placement of KCPE Candidates in Secondary Schools.

Photo Courtesy; CS Ezekiel Machogu

Despite several legal suits some parents have placed questioning the findings of an audit of KCPE Results discrepancies, Over One Million KCPE Candidates are set to know their fate today on which secondary schools they will attend next month as Ezekiel Machogu, Cabinet Secretary for Education, is expected to preside over the Form One placement exercise at Lenana School on Monday morning December 18th according to a notice dated December 15, 2023.

In the recent KCPE results, 8,525 candidates scored over 400 marks, representing 0.60 percent of this year’s class, while 352,782 candidates had between 300 and 399 marks, which is 24.92 percent of the cohort.

At the same time, the 200-299 bracket had the most candidates at 658,278, representing 48.49 percent, while 38,3025 others scored between 100 and 199 marks, which is 27.05 percent of the total number of candidates.

Those with less than 99 marks were 2,060, accounting for 0.15 percent of the lot.

National Schools- 42,927 students( 22,051 boys and 20,876 girls)

Extra-County schools- 276,746 students(141,590 boys and 133,156 girls.)

County schools- 288,201 students( 129,332 boys and girls 158,869.)

Sub-county schools– 792,230 students( 423,171 boys and 369,059 girls)

Special needs Institutions- 2,225 students with special needs( 1,214 are boys and 1,011 are girls.)

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Students with special needs were placed in either disability or regular schools based on their disability categories, merits, and choices.

Among the placed students, 130 students from informal settlements in urban areas have been placed in national schools and 167 have been placed in extra-county learning institutions – 150 are girls and 147 are boys.

CS Machogu also added that vulnerable and marginalized learners who attained 280 and above, a total of 14,426, will benefit from government scholarships.

He added that candidates with special needs and disabilities who attained 280 and below will also be eligible for the scholarships and refugees who attained 240 (girls) and 250 (boys) will also benefit from the scholarships.

“The selection process was strictly guided by the principles of merit, affirmative action, and availability of space,” said Machogu while adding that overage students have been forwarded to the Directorate of Adults and Continuing Education.

According to the CS all students who scored 400 and above were placed in either national schools or extra county schools that they selected. He added that Kabianga High School was selected by 186,357 672 students, Nanyuki High School with 158,741 480 students, Pangani Girls with 144,542 384 students, Kapsabet Boys, Alliance Girls, Maseno School, Nakuru High School, Butere Girls High School, Mang’u High School and Alliance High School made up the list of most selected schools.

The Elimu scholarships, awarded in partnership with the Jomo Kenyatta Foundation and the Equity Group Foundations, will push the number of beneficiaries to 52,000.

With the official opening of Form 1 admissions on January 15, 2024, Machogu noted that all candidates must access placement results through the Ministry of Education website and also directly through the Kenya Education Management Information System (KEMIS). This he noted will help avoid extortion.

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The candidate must present the admission letter to the Head Teacher of the primary school where they sat their KCPE for authentication. It will further be verified by the Principal of the admitting school during the reporting day.

He noted that the County Education Board (CEB) does not have powers to approve school fees outside those stipulated by the Ministry of Education.

“The Regional Directors of Education and County Education Directors must ensure that principals of secondary schools don’t impose additional levies on parents beyond the limit the Ministry of Education has stipulated,” Machogu said.

A total of 1,406,557 candidates sat for the 2023 KCPE with 8,525 attaining over 400 marks out of the possible 500.

A total of 352,782 candidates scored between 300 and 399 marks, making up 24.9 percent of the year’s cohort. 

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